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The last sculptural works of two young Argentine artists have long been transferred to Pietrasanta and the first marble achievements of a friend and colleague came directly from South America to experience the new material.

This is Veronica Fonzo, Flavia Stuffo and Feranando Rosas. The first two live in Pietrasanta for almost 20 years, where they opened a study of sculpture, “the Powder keg”. It is here that they hosted the friend Fernando Rosas, young Argentine sculptor who until now had used mainly wood as a material for his own works; Arrived in Versilia, in the homeland of marble and sculpture, he wanted to experiment – it can be said with success – the new material, thus realizing about 10 new works, on display for the first time by Open One.

The collective exhibition Almas presents the new works of the three artists all focused on the human figure, or rather the introspective investigation of the human soul, be it investigated in the women’s world, in that of childhood or myth. Read and dreamer The images of Flavia, which besides the wood experiments also the cast iron, less common material but by the energetic yield; Delicate and introspective the female figures and the children of Veronica made of wood, marble and cast iron; Strong and sometimes related to the myth the marble experiments of Fernando. Everyone expresses and maintains their personality intact, following the personal artistic and human investigation. On display also some paintings and drawings.

The exhibition is open from May 27th to July 10th, 2016 with the following timetable: from Tuesday to Friday: 15.30-18.30. Saturday and Sunday: 18.00-21.00 or by appointment (+ 39 329 4919903). Free entrance.

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