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Open one is a unique reality: specializing in sculpture, on a fertile territory and long tradition as Pietrasanta, is one of the largest open-air art galleries in Europe.

With the two large outdoor exhibition spaces, in addition to the internal location, it offers the possibility to know and buy both works of monumental character and creations of a more contained size. True flagship, the large environmental park that surrounds the gallery allows, more unique than rare, to view the sculptures in opera.

Open One manages to satisfy the widest and most diversified clientele, from the public to the private collector. A privileged channel is certainly represented by the patrons of Versilia, who for years rely on Open One to embellish the gardens of their villas with precious sculptures. The uniqueness of the exhibition space allows to create original events and exhibitions during the summer.

Director Diego Subhashis
Curator Fiammetta Galleni

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September 19, 2017