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Open One Art Gallery and MdS Editore are pleased to invite you to the presentation of the book
Vituperio delle genti

Saturday 18 June at 18.30

There is a book that has been noted at the Pisa book Festival and that all winter has gone to steal.  It is called “reproach of the Gentiles-infernal journey to the discovery of famous Pisans”

Twenty-nine authors, Pisani of birth, adoption or occasion guided by the two curators of the volume, Silvia Belli and Fabrizio Babs, accompany readers on a journey into a parallel and underground world, a strange hell populated by authoritative figures and Charismatics of Pisa yesterday and today. Recalling in the title the famous rivet against Pisa of the XXXIII Song of Hell, the opera has in fact a protagonist a novel and improvised Dante, a modest Antennisa precipitated his despite the bowels of the Earth and forced to explore a kingdom of Darkness that will soon reveal a place of emotion more than atonement, a kind of theme park where every street leads to a meeting, every disturb to a discovery, every path a revelation.

Saturday, June 18, 2016, at 18:30 at Open One Art Gallery

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