Giancarlo Franco Tramontin_Semiotica of Beauty

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"Semiotics of Beauty"

The sculptural signs of Giancarlo Franco Tramontin

Curated by Fiammetta Galleni



The exhibition, curated by Fiammetta Galleni and sponsored by the municipality of Pietrasanta, contains the most recent work of the sculptor Born in Venice in 1931: A perfect synthesis of the work of a master who has donated his life to art and beauty and has given life Through the sculpture.

Tramontin devotes himself completely to the human figure, prefering in particular the female body, who interprets using the materials par excellence of the sculpture: Statuary Marble and black marble from Belgium; The burnished bronze and the gilded bronze. His sculptural modus is essential, clear, pure: through few and very measured light touches on matter he manages to communicate the essence and the body substance and to enclose in them all the beauty of the work.

It is a whispered dialogue on tiptoe, as a secret confided in the ear of the spectator, so few are the sculptural signs with which Tramontin succeeds in interpreting and synthesizing the human figure: a perfect silhouette that takes shape and movement in Space.

Especially in its latest creations, or creatures, it reduces the form to a delicate two-dimensionality, or if we want to be more exact to a three-dimensionality reduced to the lowest terms, and to a frontness that thins the matter up to make it vibrating membrane that It can let light pass and concentrates the meaning of the shape in a few very wise lines drawn on a surface.

A unique opportunity to know a master, owner of the chair of Sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice, a pupil of Alberto Viani, who has had in life numerous awards and awards.

August 2-September 13, 2015