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Opens Friday, June 1, the Great exhibition dedicated to the sculptor Pietrasantino Iginio Balderi.

Open one has chosen Balderi to inaugurate a cycle of exhibitions dedicated to sculptors who have left an indelible trace in Versilia, working in the laboratories of the territory and feeding the local artistic culture and that for this reason are represented in Collection of the Museum of Sketches of Pietrasanta.

Curated by Andrea del Gates and organized by the artist, with the collaboration of Paola Raffa Arte Contemporanea, the Great Exhibition is developed in three different locations: at the Museum of sketches at Palazzo Panici, where the plasters are exposed (the first Figurative experiences and some "columns") and in the Cloister of St. Augustine where the sketch "Città" is part of the museum collection, the Open One Gallery that displays the marbles (the "Spirals" series) and the Galleria Paola Raffa Arte Contemporanea, where Bronzes (The series "Columns" and "Cities") are presented instead.

The exhibitions open at the same time Friday, June 1, and then be presented individually to the public on different occasions: Sunday, June 10, at 18.00 at the gallery Open One; Friday, June 15, at 18.00 at the Museum of sketches at Palazzo Panici and to follow, at 19.00, at the Galleria Paola Raffa Arte Contemporanea.

A unique opportunity to see (or revise after many years) the creative evolution of an eclectic artist born in Versilia, the birthplace with which he has always maintained close ties and never cut his roots.

Opening hours from open One: From June 1st to July 22nd. Timetable: From Tuesday to Friday 15.00-18.00 | Saturday and Sunday 18.00-20.00 (Saturday 9 June: closed).


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