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August 4, 2018 – October 21, 2018

Inauguration Friday, August 3 hours 18.30

The exhibition, sponsored by the town of Pietrasanta and the club Lions Club Pietrasanta Versilia Historical, chaired by Prof. Emilio Petrini Mansi Marquis of Fontanazza, brings together some emblematic examples of the most recent pictorial production of the Italian-Swiss artist Giò di Busca, comparing it with a selection of sculptural works by the artist, including the bronzes "QUATTRO Elements "E" LE CONCERT ", in which are found compositional and semantic similarities, albeit made with other means.

The unpublished series of paintings by Busca entitled "Stratifications" represents the artist's reflection on the aesthetic and expressive value of the stone: in the work of Gio ' Di Busca, the pictorial space is a threshold where the difficulties are broken and like the rocks, between The fragments give a glimpse of new reflections of color and light.

The title of the exhibition "Breaking Rocks" (breaking rocks) fully evokes the concept expressed in the "stratifications", present however also in the sculptural works of Gio ' di Busca: The lightness, the fluidity, the rounded forms of his figures are Opposed to the heaviness, the sharpness of the compelling element, of the weight, of that rock that however can be broken to go further, meeting its future and true desires.

The exhibition will be inaugurated on Friday, August 3 at 18.30 (participation is exclusively by invitation) and will be enriched by the beautiful jazz notes of the Bjbu-Bocconi jazz Business Unit with a concert titled "Three or four shades of jazz", a repertoire rich in Blues, Latin, funky and European shades that will retrace the historical roots of jazz music and that opens the concert season of the Agency for the Villas Versiliesi, chaired by Mrs. Fernanda Giulini.

The training will be composed as follows: Marco Mariani on trumpet, Franco Bagnoli at Alto Sax, Michelangelo decorated on Piano, Luca Zollo on double bass, Nicola aliens on drums.

Opening hours: from 4 to 26 August: Saturday, Sunday 18.00-20.00 and Monday to Friday by appointment; From Tuesday 28 August to Sunday 21 October: From Tuesday to Friday: 15:00-18:00; Saturday and Sunday: by appointment. Info: + 39 329 4919903



Sculptor and painter

Born in Milan in 1959, he is the son of Italian father and mother Switzerland. Strongly attracted by all forms of art, at a young age devotes himself to painting, encouraged by experts and critics such as Oreste Marini, Gustavo predaval. Interested in sculpture, still a student at the art school, he spends a period in Paris, in the study of Emile Gilioli, French-Italian sculptor of international renown. After attending the art school, he enrolled at the IUAV University in Venice, where he studied architecture. He graduated from the Politecnico di Milano in architecture. Giò di Busca works as an architect and multifaceted artist, for commissions and prestigious companies in Italy and abroad, but it is only with sculpture and painting that he realizes his artistic passion, his reason for life, his genius and his love for beauty. His work fuses radically opposing cultures, and relates to nature, to music, but also to ancient and modern technology. The continuous studies and the incessant research are aimed at creating a new aesthetic code, a project in tribute and defense of beauty, with a decisive refusal of the type-approval. The exceptional diversity of the works includes sculptures made of bronze and stainless steel, oil paintings and drawings. Giò di Busca lives and works in Switzerland, in the Canton of Ticino.