Ken's Landscapes

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Open One is hosting the photograph again. It is the turn of the Cape Town photographer Ken Gerhardt.

"Was In my late teens that fine arts became my passion and Though I had not yet seduced the photograph, I went to study art At Michaelis Art School in Cape Town.

The interest For the photograph it came later, in the studio of Dirk Schwager. Since First day, as his intern, I was assigned the work in the room Dark. After fourteen months in the ' Buie rooms ' I was finally Delivered a Nikon F2, a roll of black and white film and made me Get out in the sunlight.

"Take Me Back some pictures and make sure they're darn nice! "

Have passed 38 years since I started working on my own as a photographer, but it's Only in recent years that my passion for photographic art has come back Really afloat. In 2011 I pulled out my old SLR cameras Nikon and Kodak and I ordered Ilford films….. Now I leave my equipment Digital at home and I venture to search for inspiration and take pictures.

"Make sure May they be damned beautiful! " …. Still echoes in my mind.

I know the Analogue photography, the wet negatives and the fingerprints of silvered jellies, They are the way forward to liberate that first love. "

Ken Gerhardt

Here today It exhibits a summary of some series, chosen in collaboration with IB Agency: Film Revisited, Gates ' n Fences, Off the rails, Out ' n about all taken at Black and white film and printed by Dennis Da Silva printer Joannesburg on bared paper with silver salts 40x50cm in limited circulation.

Inauguration Saturday 11 May 2019, at 18.00.

OPENING HOURS: From Tuesday to Friday 15.00-18.00 | Weekends and holidays: on pin (+ 39 329 49 19 903).