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Friday, August 4, 2017 at 18.30
Is it possible to combine Beethoven with tears for Fears or Ravel with Sonny & Cher?

Maybe not, but the BJBU-Bocconi Jazz Business Unit has tried and is pleased to present to the Open One Art Gallery This new musical bet. In the privileged form of the official Jazz Band of the blazoned University of Milan, the suite is followed by rock and pop songs from the Years ' 60, ' 70, ' 80, ' 90 and the new millennium, reproposed in an eclectic way: The structures dilate, leaving room for grafts From all musical genres, harmonies become complicated or surprise,
Opening unusual solo spaces and the immortal melodies confirm once again their
Inexorable strength. But the jazz has nothing to do with it? It is legitimate to have more than a reasonable doubt,
Since Miles Davis sneaks into Deep Purple and Gil Evans in Led Zeppelin. Project
Irreverent? Absolutely not: For a band notoriously "serious" but not "serious" this means
Be just pure fun.

Marco Mariani trumpet and arrangements
Frank B. Alto Sax
Nicola Pecchiari Tenor Sax
Luca Daniel Keyboards
Luke Plate Bass
The drums
Featuring Linda P voice

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