Viliano Tarabella

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Sculptor of Versilia origin, born in 1937 in Giustagnana, small village of Quarryers of Alta Versilia, in Tuscany. He began his apprenticeship in one of the most famous local sculpture studios of the time, that of Gaddi Alessandrini in Querceto. At the age of 20 he moved to Paris, where he met the sculptor Hans Jean Arp, with whom he initiated a fruitful collaboration that ended only the disappearance of the artist in 1996 and that will bring Tarabella in the lively debate of contemporary sculpture.

In the French capital Tarabella opens its own workshop of sculptor-craftsman in the famous “Ruche”, where he lives and works together with many exponents of the historical avant-garde. He soon began to carve on his own account and dedicated himself to personal works, which he made mainly of marble or bronze, in which he demonstrated an autonomous formal expressiveness. Its first exposure is 1965.

In Italy he exhibited for the first time in the 1973 in Lucca, to which will follow numerous other exhibitions in Tuscany.
Viler Tarabella divides his life and his work between Paris and Versilia, until his disappearance occurred in 2003. His works are part of private collections and museums in France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, Israel, Iran, the United States and Japan.


September 23, 2017