Itto Kuetani

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Itto Kuetani arrives in our country in 1969, driven by passion for sculpture and research of new inspiration. It arrives initially in Rome, fascinated by the grandeur of the marble works of the forum and then reaches the quarries of the Apuan Alps. But it will only be in Carrara that the sculptor considers that he has reached the goal: in the heart of Tuscany The Sensations of majesty of Ancient Rome and the craftsmanship of the craftsmen of the Renaissance can be found.

During forty years of work in Italy, Itto Kuetani has made a further synthesis: between the concreteness typical of Japanese culture and the abstraction that he learned to grasp in our country, defining himself his works as the “doors that put in Space and Matter communication “.

His works are surprising both for the grandeur and the ability to enter into harmony with the nature from which they draw inspiration: water and fire, marble and granite, its favorite elements.



September 23, 2017